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Graded Glass

Graded glass abrasive is created by crushing, cleaning and grading recycled glass bottles to produce a high quality abrasive media. It can be used as a wet or dry blast abrasive to prepare or clean a surface prior to coating.

Being processed from 100% recycled bottles, plates and other glassware, graded glass is a non-toxic material and contains no free crystalline silica or heavy metals. As a result, disposal cost for graded glass is comparatively lower as spent or used glass is not considered to be a ‘special waste’. For this reason, it is particularly favoured for use in environmentally sensitive locations.

The glass manufacturing process eradicates the free crystalline silica content that is cause for silicosis. As a result, any dust generated when using graded glass abrasive is virtually void of free crystalline silica and is classified as merely a “nuisance dust”.

Product Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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