Copper slag is a synthetic mineral blasting-cleaning abrasive manufactured by granulation in water, drying and sieving from slag originating from the copper smelting process. It is basically iron silicate slag, one of the most efficient and economical surface preparation abrasives available.

In different industries it is called different names - abrasive powder, grit, copper slag grit, mineral grit, grinding grains, etc. However, its main use is still for surface blasting-cleaning.

The predominantly angular shape and hard cutting edges of copper slag allow for fast cleaning action and hence, excellent for surface profile preparation. Copper slag from the production plant at PMBA is produced from the highest quality raw copper slag sourced only from Japan, and is not mixed with any recycled or tin slag.

PMBA produces various grades of copper slag to suit varying anchor pattern criteria requirements.

APPEARANCE : Black granules, free flowing grit
FLASH POINT : Non-flammable
BULK DENSITY : Approx. 1.8 tonnes/m3 (un-compacted)
HARDNESS (Mohs) : Approx. 7

Copper (as CuO) : Approx. 0.75% m/m
Lead (as PbO) : Approx. 0.04% m/m
Nickel (as NiO) : Approx. 0.08% m/m
Zinc (as ZnO) : Approx. 0.39% m/m
Total Iron (as FeO) : Approx. 54.3% m/m
Free Silica (as SiO2) : Approx. <1.00% mm

Note: The above readings serve as a guideline only. Variations to these results are expected over time due to variations in raw feed.